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The Vegan Viewpoint Podcast

Jul 12, 2020

Brooke interviews Iris Cohen, the owner of the blog Note to Iris chose to do a holistic vegan pregnancy and in home birth for her first child. In this interview, Iris  explains what it means to take a holistic vegan approach to pregnancy and shares her experience doing a holistic vegan pregnancy and in home birth.  Brooke and Iris also discuss the benefits she saw from doing both. They also talk about what her doctors thought of her taking this approach. If you enjoy this show, please leave a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Sticher or wherever you are listening right now. Furthermore, if you would like to join in on the discussion of topics covered in our show with other fans and get free resources, please join our Facebook Group The Vegan viewpoint Podcast Discussion Group, follow along on instagram at @veganviewpointpodcast and like our page on Facebook The Vegan Viewpoint Podcast.